Saturday, May 29, 2010

 Well, Saskatchewan greeted us with cold and rainy weather! Leave it to me to wear flip flops. My husband's dad drove us to the airport at 3 am this morning so we could catch our 7 o'clock flight. Sleep was something we hadn't gotten yet, so the two hour car ride was a bit quiet. As I was day dreaming out the window into the dark morning sky I couldn't help but stare at the bright full moon. It was a nice reminder for me to appreciate God's beautiful creation. Then I got to staring and pondering some more.. That moon, to me, represents God as The Light of the world. My thought gets better... I looked down and saw that the moon was casting its reflection off the river below and thought to myself how we as Christians are to reflect God's light and image as we grow in Him. But the reflection I saw in the rippled river wasn't even as clear or beautiful a picture as the true moon in the night sky. Wow. What a truth! No matter how much we grow in Him and strive to become closer to what He is, the reflection, even though it is a reflection of Him, just doesn't match the true image perfectly. I love how God loves me enough to show me truths such as this in a way such as the one this morning. 

He is so big, and I am so small
Thank you Lord for keeping me humble

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