Handmade fish tank stand

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So my brother has some awesome skills in wood working. He's put together some neat tool shelves in his garage, he's made some super cute planter boxes for his porch, and I can just bet there are some things he's done that I don't even know about. 
He just finished making a stand for a 30 gallon fish tank that he got for his girlfriend's birthday. He sent me a couple pictures of the stand and I just HAD to share this with everyone! *The photos were taken from his cell phone camera, but I think you can still see the great work* He did such an amazing job!!!

It's beeeeeautiful!

Here it is painted black and all finished for a nice display!
I told him if I still lived in California I'd be begging him to make me one of these for my fish tank! {mine is only a 5 gallon tank though} I would L-O-O-O-V-E to have this in my place!
I'm so proud of my brother. He does such a great job with the things that he makes. This post is my attempt at getting the word out about his skills {you know, cause I'm a proud older sister and I just have to brag when the opportunity arises!}.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Until next time... 

hApPy cReAtIviTiEs !!

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